Migration guide from old-style dput

Welcome! This is a helpful starting guide for anyone looking to switch from dput to dput-ng. dput-ng features a few interesting changes, so it’s worthwhile to run through this helpful starting guide.

Key points

  • dput’s configuration files are supported, and will override any new-style configuration file.
  • Behavior of pre-upload checks may be different.
  • dput-ng maintains backwards compatibility with the old dput’s command line flags.
  • dcut has a totally revamped interface, but is similar in spirit and usability of dput’s dcut interface.
  • This package replaces old style dput.

Big changes from dput

  • Configuration can be defined in JSON. Configuration File Overview may be of some help.
  • More and better behaved checks are enabled by default, and more are ready for use out of the box, if you so wish.
  • post-upload hook and pre-upload checks (or hooks) may be written in Python, and have access to the objects which matter. For more on writing one, Writing Hooks may provide some insight.

Stability Notes

This is not finished. There are bits to be done, but this shows a decent amount of progress being made on the tool, and is mostly ready for limited use by technical people.

  • Bug reports are extremely welcome.
  • Ideas are extremely welcome.
  • Contributors are extremely welcome – of all kinds (technical or otherwise) (see Contributing to dput)